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Our clients come from a broad range of industries, all with their own unique requirements. Encore Custom Preforms understands the specific nature of each industry that we partner with for exceptional results every time.


Beverage preformed plastics are both lightweight and durable, making them highly efficient and consequently very popular within the industry. Ready to withstand the expected wear and tear of consumer use, our provided preform products are highly sanitary and simplify the process of meeting regulations. We can match a pre-existing design or customize to your expectations.

Highly customizable
Very durable for expected use


Industrial and general purpose applications can widely vary between companies, and we have a wide array of experience at Encore Custom Preforms with numerous sectors. Talk to us about your detailed service requirements and we can definitely meet your needs. Our offered preforms meet the highest cleanliness standards, are made of very durable material, and can be customized to your requirements.

Custom Designs
Injection Molded
Quick Turnaround


The pharmaceutical industry requires products that are both highly sanitary and guaranteed to work. Cost efficient plastics from Encore Custom Preforms offers safe medical devices and parts specifically designed for practitioners to the highest accepted standards. Our work is durable and ISO certified, making maintaining FDA regulations simple.

Highly Sanitary
Durable Products
Cost Effective


For the cosmetic industry, we produce beautiful designs for molds and containers that offer excellent durability alongside their visual appeal. At Encore Custom Preforms, we understand that the look and feel of cosmetic packaging plays a strong role in attracting the customer. We can manufacture both small and larger cosmetic bottle designs.

Attractive Designs
Durable Packaging
Variety of sizes available


Dairy and Delicate Food industries are strictly regulated in order to maintain the health standards we expect from our perishables. All of our products are manufactured under strict cleanliness and hygienic standards, and closely match the highest standard of regulation. We provide our products at a consistently high level of quality in order to meet the high expectations we set for ourselves as a preform manufacturer.

Meets top cleanliness standards
Custom designs
Fast turnaround


Alcohol industries require preformed packaging that is both resistant to shattering and low weight in order to serve its intended application. At Encore Custom Preforms, we take into account all the factors you expect from a high-quality product in the alcohol industry and leverage that understanding to create a consistently great preform. Our products are compliant with hygiene standards and we offer a fast turnaround time.

Low weight & break resistant
Meets hygienic standards
40%+ alcohol supported


When working with detergents, it is important to balance the requirements of utilizing modern visual design with leak-proof and drop resistant material. At Encore Custom Preforms, we can expertly combine both to create detergent preforms that impress the end consumer while remaining durable and able to form a tight seal.

Durable materials
Custom dimensions available
Color or transparent

At Encore Custom Preforms, we understand that a high-quality preform makes good bottles. We manufacture a wide variety of preforms in different sizes, weights and colours enabling our customers to produce an aesthetically pleasing package that will grab the consumers' attention.