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6605 Kestrel Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 1P4
T: 905 6968178
F: 905 6960571

Facility & Machinery

Encore’s manufacturing facility is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and has been producing high-quality preforms since 2003. Our facility is equipped with only the finest, North American-made equipment and molds. Our decision to phase out older equipment and acquire state-of-the-art, high-speed injection molding machinery is a choice to exponentially increase production. Our focus is to stay ahead of the competition with current technology and meet market demands

At Encore Custom Preforms, we strongly believe in investing in our valued workforce. Our experienced operators are among the best in the industry, and are skilled in every aspect of our processes. Every employee is trained for success with ongoing enhancement education and classes on how to master newly acquired machinery. We treat our staff like family, with focus on health and safety which has led to a facility that has been accident-free for decades.

High-performance machinery
Safety-conscious facility
Continuous education
Superior product
Flexible order quantities

At Encore Custom Preforms, we understand that a high-quality preform makes good bottles. We manufacture a wide variety of preforms in different sizes, weights and colours enabling our customers to produce an aesthetically pleasing package that will grab the consumers' attention.